About Us

Desired A Change

Back in 2015, when Darren and Mike were on a road trip together celebrating a well-deserved vacation, they realized that they both desired a change in their lives. Darren had found success in the online business world and Mike had worked for over 15 years as a successful business coach. They both concluded that life is short, and they wanted to have control of their own work lives rather that work long hours to make others rich.

Since that day and the start of their own business, they have been able to enjoy the little things in life — the morning coffees and their family events — never having to worry about being late for work or having to schedule the important events in life around their job. If they complete their work for the day at noon, then they can take the afternoon off to enjoy life. Darren and Mike now work a fraction of the time they used to and make significantly more while doing so.